История торговой марки Feeder Concept

Feeder Concept  – торговая марка, объединяющая в своем ассортименте высококачественные рыболовные товары в направлении фидерной ловли.
Благодаря привлечению в штат экспертов ведущих специалистов и рыболовов-спортсменов в дисциплине “фидер”, FC представляет на рыболовном рынке только самые востребованные и популярные товары для данного вида ловли.
Бренд международной компании Salmo Group.



Salmo Group

All started in 1988 with cooperative “SALMO”, specializing in fishing accessories wholesale. Today company has grown continually presently consisting of various enterprises in 8 countries.

SALMO Group develops products, operate wholesale business, and runs retail shop chain in Baltic States. Trades have expanded significantly and at the moment Group’s products are available in more than 25 different countries. SALMO Group has become influential player in fishing tackle business in East, North Europe and Asia.

Company’s assortment consists of fishing tackle for different fishing types, including summer and winter seasons, ice drills, clothing and outdoor goods will make you enjoy your fishing and leisure experience without any worries about weather conditions.

Salmo Group Brands

The majority of products under the Group’s brands are manufactured in Latvia, Finland, Japan, China and Korea. The warehouses are based in Russia, Ukraine and China but the Europe’s warehouse is located in Riga, Latvia.

Company’s products are used by leading sport fishing teams in different countries who successfully participate and win in various competitions. Each new season comes with new products that are widely introduced across the Europe and Asia.